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January 24, 2010

To save $ to help,can you think up five foods?

Filed under: food savings, recipes, saving money, Uncategorized — eatingon1 @ 9:03 pm J from eatingon$1 facebook page: “Here are a few things I could think of: triscuits and cream cheese, stove top stuffing, microwavable mashed potatoes, cheap pasta with bottled sauce, and smoked oysters” Then I figure a day of food using some of these:

Breakfast- Triscuits with (cream cheese 2ou 25c 200cal) 5 triscuit crackers 10c 80cal Dinner-spaghetti 1/4 pound (4ou) 400cal 25c sauce 1/8 bottle spaghetti sauce 50cal 10c Evening snack- microwaveable potatoes 2ou 80cal 15c 1/4 pack “kippered snacks”(fish) 40cal 20c $1.05 850 calories with tea with sugar + 10 cents +biscuits or rice +10cents. 1600 calories $1.25

The idea is so that people (like $ challenged Floridians) will -not fast but learn to live cheaply for one day. Then send 1 days savings to help others.  So, here, or facebook page eatingon$1 can -you think of five foods?


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