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January 14, 2010

Classic Ramen with small twist

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I wrote a whole book to “get beyond Ramen” for those severely cutting costs. Also for those who are living on beer and pretzels. Even if they are spending twenty dollars a day this book could really save money and up the nutrition. I did learn from one “employment challenged” individual just a slight twist. I don’t eat shrimp. But, shrimp flavored Ramen and a can of tuna. Think about that. It has to be safer than the “in its own s***” (excuse me), farm raised shrimp. He claimed it tasted like shrimp. Ramen-1 package (gotta go with shrimp flavored) 20cents about 350 calories + 80 cents tuna on sale 400 calories. With 10 cents of sweetened tea and two slices of day old bread toast with garlic and oil that comes in at $1.30 for 1600 calories. I’m not surprised he is losing weight after losing his three year long WalMart job by getting “cut hours” and then no unemployment $. Good thing we live in Florida or he would get scurvy. But he does have over his 50 grams of protein.


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