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July 29, 2014

BADASS TEACHERS march today in washington,DC

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January 24, 2010

To save $ to help,can you think up five foods?

Filed under: food savings, recipes, saving money, Uncategorized — eatingon1 @ 9:03 pm J from eatingon$1 facebook page: “Here are a few things I could think of: triscuits and cream cheese, stove top stuffing, microwavable mashed potatoes, cheap pasta with bottled sauce, and smoked oysters” Then I figure a day of food using some of these:

Breakfast- Triscuits with (cream cheese 2ou 25c 200cal) 5 triscuit crackers 10c 80cal Dinner-spaghetti 1/4 pound (4ou) 400cal 25c sauce 1/8 bottle spaghetti sauce 50cal 10c Evening snack- microwaveable potatoes 2ou 80cal 15c 1/4 pack “kippered snacks”(fish) 40cal 20c $1.05 850 calories with tea with sugar + 10 cents +biscuits or rice +10cents. 1600 calories $1.25

The idea is so that people (like $ challenged Floridians) will -not fast but learn to live cheaply for one day. Then send 1 days savings to help others.  So, here, or facebook page eatingon$1 can -you think of five foods?

January 15, 2010

Eating On $1 A Day for one day to help

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Want one day of Eating on $1 A Day and use dollars to help others? Milk, egg, day-old-bread, canned sale veggies,real rice,1/2 tomato,sugar,oil for dollar a day meals

Lunch or Brunch -Scramble an egg with milk and salt and pepper and 1/4 tomato diced. Place on lightly toasted day old bread with one slice of tomato. Add slice of lightly toasted bread on top. Grill the sandwich with oil. tea with sugar 600 calories Dinner Stir-fry half a can of veggies in oil. Eat over a 1/2 cup of regular uncooked rice cooked (use package directions.) Serve with cafe au lait and sugar (coffee with milk) dinner calories 600 Evening Snack Cinnamon toast with day old bread and sugar and warm milk. 400cal

[8 ounce milk 17cents] [egg 10cents] [three slices day old bread 15cents] [Half a can of on sale veggies 25cents] [rice 12 cents] [sugar 8cents] [half a tomato 13 cents] This day comes in at $1 a day for just a trace of oil and 1400 calories. For the 1600 calories and a more satisfying “staying power” use 4 teaspoons of oil for ten cents more. Weak 1/2 cup coffee,tea,cinnamon 6 cents (meals meet protein grams if not pregnant or nursing) Double the cost to two dollars for teenager or adult male and double the food.

January 14, 2010

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Classic Ramen with small twist

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I wrote a whole book to “get beyond Ramen” for those severely cutting costs. Also for those who are living on beer and pretzels. Even if they are spending twenty dollars a day this book could really save money and up the nutrition. I did learn from one “employment challenged” individual just a slight twist. I don’t eat shrimp. But, shrimp flavored Ramen and a can of tuna. Think about that. It has to be safer than the “in its own s***” (excuse me), farm raised shrimp. He claimed it tasted like shrimp. Ramen-1 package (gotta go with shrimp flavored) 20cents about 350 calories + 80 cents tuna on sale 400 calories. With 10 cents of sweetened tea and two slices of day old bread toast with garlic and oil that comes in at $1.30 for 1600 calories. I’m not surprised he is losing weight after losing his three year long WalMart job by getting “cut hours” and then no unemployment $. Good thing we live in Florida or he would get scurvy. But he does have over his 50 grams of protein.

January 8, 2010

“Eating On $1 A Day (or free if you fish)

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This turns out to be outrageous.  Cooking at home is supposed to cost less.  Cooking and eating nutritiously is supposed to be easy.  Hard to believe simple subjects like money and food could stir up controversy.  You can’t eat really even if it is on $20 a day if it is only beer and pretzels.  The dollar is for 1600 calories.  You can’t eat that little and almost as poor nutritionally for long. But you can easily beat fast food for cost and nutrition if you buy this book.  Even if you do eat 3200 calories for $2 already this helps to think ‘beyond ramen.’   This is actually a workbook.  As you replace costly things with cheaper similar items, you will have more money.  Saving on food helps you think to save everywhere. This investment pays you back in a day or a week and keeps paying you.  It is very minimal work.  <!– @page { size: 8.5in 11in; margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –>

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